Kieti Advocates LLP
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.Environment And Climate Change



We advise clients on all aspects of environmental and health and safety regulation, including permitting requirements, operational compliance, investigations and prosecutions, project consents, and the management of pollution and contamination liabilities and remediation programmes.

We also have significant depth in climate change law, and we ensure that clients benefit from incentives offered to organizations pursuing low carbon and climate resilient development, and minimize the risks of non-compliance with emerging laws and regulations.

We can help in:

  • Environmental law, planning and permitting matters
  • Climate finance and carbon finance transactions
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Legislative drafting for national and county laws
  • Legal and policy reviews and policy monitoring
  • Obtaining the necessary permits, licenses and approvals for carbon project implementation.
  • Climate change law training and capacity building
  • Reviewing and negotiating carbon contracts
  • Protection and management of intellectual property for clean technologies